Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Literary Ink of a Different Nature

When it comes to tattoos, I am neither particularly pro, nor con.  I do wish that more people would realize that where they choose to place all that body art can drastically limit their future employment prospects...but, hey, that's their call.

I do get a kick out of particularly clever tattoos, those one-of-a-kind things that perfectly express someone's true personality and passions.  Authors should be better at choosing body art than most people, I would think - and, as shown on this FlavorWire link, that might just be the case.

Follow the link tol find pictures of Rick Moody's one-word (plus a comma) tattoo that is part of a 2,095-word story published only in tattoo ink; Harry Crews's "Mr. Death;" John Irving's shoulder Maple leaf; and the strange little people on Kevin Wilson's arm - among others.

But my favorite of this type is still this one that I discovered a few years ago, although I have no idea whose arms these are.  Click on the picture to read a bit of A Tale of Two Cities.  Mr. Dickens would be proud.

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