Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Now for Something Completely Different

I have three big passions in life: books, bluegrass music and baseball (my personal Killer Bs).

That's why this video of last night's Philies vs. Cards game caught my eye. I have seen idiots run onto the field and make jackasses of themselves numerous times in the last four decades. I'm especially fond of the gal who chased Nolan Ryan and a few other Astros around the field to give them each a big kiss. She was a regular all-star game attraction for a little while, in fact, but she pulled her stunt all over the country - anywhere she could get herself on national television.

The best thing I can say about this 17-year-old kid is that he at least kept his clothes on...a good move since he was soon to be tasered by a Philadelphia cop.


  1. and the Cardinals won ... :)

    But seriously, I don't think anyone should be tasered unless they are threatening serious harm. I hope MLB comes out with a statement to that effect.

    And it would probably help if the Phillies had hired security for the game who was in better shape.

  2. I agree...tasers are dangerous and people have died from being stopped by those things. Others don't even seem to feel them...weird.

    I purposely didn't mention my feelings about the cop's actions because I wanted to see what others felt about it first...thanks for jumping in first.

  3. Hooray for the Cards. Kid was dumb, but tasering's not too cool.

  4. And this kid did this why?

    I am all in favor of tasering anyone who interrupts my enjoyment of an event or gets in my way with his stupid actions. I wish I had my own taser for the people who can't figure out how airport security works, who let their kids misbehave in public, and who take cell calls during the theater or at the table next to mine in a restaurant.

    PS But yeah - how many highly-paid pro athletes and cops does it take to catch a teenager waving a towel?

  5. Bybee, it's a bit dangerous but that fat cop was not going to catch him any other way. That's for sure.

  6. Factotum, you continue to crack me up...even agree with you. If only.

    We could all strap tasers onto our hips and it would be like the Wild West all over again...great fun to be had in dark theaters. :-)