Saturday, May 22, 2010

2010 Moby Awards for Book Trailers

The awards we've all been breathlessly awaiting were awarded on May 20 in NYC. Yes, the 2010 Moby Awards for book trailers can now be announced. Among the winners are this one for "best performance by an author," won by Dennis Cass for his performance in book launch 2.0:

Other winners included:

"Biggest Waste of Conglomerate Money"

"Most Annoying Appearance by an Author"

and "Best Foreign Book Trailer" to this funny (R-Rated) video

Be patient with this one and you will hear one of the funniest book blurbs ever - near the end - and might enjoy the little jab at a famous book that closes the video.

For those of you still interested, the link shown at the beginning of this post will take you to the other award winners - and losers.


  1. Okay, I do feel a little dirty, but that last one had me laughing out loud.

    Maybe I should read it.

  2. Tell you what, y'all, that Canadian one had my complete attention...literally like watching a bad car wreck, wasn't it? But it worked beautifully.