Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Pat Conroy on South of Broad

This afternoon I found myself wondering what Pat Conroy might be up to now that several months have passed since the publication of South of Broad. Mr. Conroy writes big books and it takes him a long, long time to write them. His fans learn the real meaning of patience as the years pass between new Pat Conroy novels. I am not a patient person, but Pat remains one of my very favorite writers. More suitable to my lack of patience, I am also a huge fan of a woman who is perhaps the most prolific serious writer in America, Joyce Carol Oates. On the one hand, it drives me crazy how long I have to wait for a new Pat Conroy book. On the other, I can barely afford to keep up with all the new books pouring from the pen of Joyce Carol Oates every year. Go figure.

A search of YouTube turned up one or two Pat Conroy videos I hadn't seen yet - and anything "new" from Pat Conroy deserves to be shared, so I'm embedding an interesting one here. It even highlights one of the reasons it takes the man so long to finish a book (hint: think yellow legal pads and Mont Blanc pens):

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