Friday, March 20, 2009

French Bibliomaniacs

It's time for a little change of pace, something light, but meaningful to book lovers, to start the weekend. This clip, from CBS Sunday Morning, is a nice look into a world within which, I would bet, all of us would love to immerse ourselves.

"Misfits" like us?


  1. So there is a man who lives in Paris and makes his living brosing through bookstalls, shops and faires looking for books. If there is a heaven, that's what I want mine to be.

    My partner and I spent a month in Paris a couple of years ago. The bookstores there are simply amazing. I had the best time browsing through them, and there are lots of them and I'm not even including the stalls along the river when I say that. Even though the books were in French, of course, we had so much fun looking at them all.

    People don't tell you this, but if you love books, Paris is for you.

  2. C.B., I was in and out of Paris a lot until a few years ago and spent many a weekend browsing Paris bookstores. It was overwhelming because there were so many of them. I did buy a few books but my French reading skills are going downhill so fast these days that I seldom read them anymore...kinda sad, that.

  3. Oh my...I've found my tribe!!!

    I'm sure John Baxter loves living in Paris...he wrote of growing up in Australia and complained that it was difficult to find lots of books. And of course, McMurtry made similar comments about Archer City...


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