Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Free Books for Book Club Members

I've often been tempted to join a book club despite not really having the spare time for anything new in my life these days. And now, comes a great giveaway limited to book club members that reminds me of what I'm missing:

The folks over at are offering a free book to the first 2500 book club members who fill out their short survey (estimated to take 10-12 minutes of your time). I've looked at the 28 books, copies of which are being given away, and I'm impressed with what's on offer.

If you are a book club member, you will want to take a look at the survey and grab a freebie for your trouble.
This is where you go for a sneak preview of the 28 books being given away and a few comments about what the group hopes to gain from the survey.

Be quick - make the first 2500, if you are eligible for the giveaway. You just can't beat free books...we all know that. (Do keep in mind that books will only be mailed to addresses in the U.S. and Canada - but the group would still love your input if you live in countries other than those two.)


  1. It's a shame that most book group related events, news and offerings are geared towards female readers. At least that's how I interpreted their 28 free books.

    I know it's hard to find a "guy friendly" book club in my area. Hope you have better luck, if you get the itch.

  2. Great point, Trav, and another reason that I've never formally joined a book club. When 90% or more of a club's members are female, the choices tend to be "chick lit" way too much of the time to draw me into the group. I always ask for a list of what they've read together in the last year - and I've always been scared away.