Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Why Waiters Shouldn't Rant

I'm a perpetual fan of Lonesome Dove, have been right from the moment I first picked up the book. When the TV series came along, I had my doubts that it could possibly do the book justice but they picked they perfect actors for the series and the rest is history.

So when I spotted this short clip on YouTube this evening, why did it remind me of Waiter Rant, the book I gave a mixed review to just a few days ago? Take a look and you'll understand.

There's one waiter who blew his big tip - but he got exactly what he earned, so life is fair.


  1. I've got Lonesome Dove (miniseries) fever again, thanks to this clip and also thanks to The Hungry Ocean. Linda Greenlaw mentions that her crew watched it every night while they were steaming over to the Grand Banks and could even act it out.

  2. I loved Lonesome Dove. I stayed up until 2 am a couple of work nights in a row to finish reading it. I checked the DVD out from the library this spring to watch with my fiance'. He claimed he didn't like Westerns and wouldn't be interested.

    We watched the whole thing in two days.

    Why can't Larry McMurtry write like that all the time?

  3. I used to have large segments of the dialogue down pat, bybee...but it's been a while since I've watched the series...need a refresher.

  4. I can only wish that McMurtry could hit that level more consistently, Factotum. I've read most of his westerns and none of them really ever approached that quality again. I suppose, though, that would be tough to do for anyone...great book.