Friday, August 22, 2008

Idiot Arrested for Failure to Return Library Books

Some people seem to think that the world revolves around them and that no one else could possibly be as important as they are. How else do you explain the actions of this jackass who refused to return two library books despite the numerous efforts of her local library to get them back? Did it never cross this woman's little mind that others might want to read those books she stole from the library?

KMBC TV has the story:
Heidi Dalibor borrowed "Angels and Demons" and "White Oleander" last year, WISN-TV in Milwaukee reported.

"I said, what could they possibly do? They can't arrest me for this -- I was wrong," Dalibor said.

Dalibor did not respond to four notices from the library, two phone calls and two letters. The library forwarded the case to the police, who issued a citation over Dalibor's failure to return the materials or pay the fine. The citation included a court date, which Dalibor admits she ignored.
Dalibor paid her $170 fine and was released.

"I completely take responsibility for not paying my fine on time and not going to my court date," Dalibor said.

Still, she isn't planning on returning the books.

"I still have the books, and I don't plan to return them because they're paid for now," Dalibor said.
If my assessment of the mental ability and attitude of this woman upsets anyone, I apologize to them...but not to her. Look at her picture if you doubt that she is exactly the jackass I call her out to be. She still doesn't get it despite being publicly humiliated and having to pay at least five times the price of the books she stole. Yeah, she's real bright.


  1. Hm. If she really wanted to keep them that badly, why didn't she just say they're lost and pay the replacement fee? It would be a lot less than $170. (Although dishonest, but it doesn't look like she cares about that).

  2. I guess it's too much to hope that she hasn't reproduced.

  3. Jeane, it appears to me that she is such a goddess in her own mind that she never expected anyone to challenge her. She ignored the requests and the warnings...too bad they didn't lock her up for a couple of days, IMO.

  4. Bybee, who knows. An egomaniac like this one may be too good to be touched by human hands or...well, you get the idea.

  5. You go Sam!!! Tell it like it is. She IS an idiot!


  6. Sometime in the middle of the twentieth century, a man named William Gibson found an obscure book about a teacher named Annie Sullivan in his local library. He was enthralled by the story and decided to write a play about the subject. That play, "The Miracle Worker," made him rich and famous, and is the only reason today that anybody has heard of Helen Keller.

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  7. Sam,

    I think you were too kind. A lot of other words came to my mind about this woman. I surely hope she's been banned from the library!

  8. As that character in The Princess Bride was fond of saying, "INCONCEIVABLE!"

    Alas, there are so many people like this in the world. She reminds me of a colleague I once had who said she was late for work all the time "because her parents didn't wake her up." Makes me wonder what this gal's mom and pop taught her about libraries long ago.

    Thanks for your message about the Houston panel. It was a standing room only event. Woo! I love that bookstore and I know I'll be back.


  9. Paying the fine does not necessarily mean you own the book. The library police may be back her doorstep one day.

  10. After having seen her in the video clip, I haven't changed my opinion, Joann. Her ego is astounding.

  11. Olivia, that is why this irks me. The particular books she stole are not very inspiring but she might actually steal something of importance some day, so it's good that she got her nose rubbed in her mess this time. Maybe she's capable of learning from the experience...maybe not.

  12. Jen, looks like she returned to the library for that news clip I posted yesterday. No one has mentioned any banning...but that would certainly be a logical step.

  13. Hi Karen. Some people don't ever seem to grow up. This one is only 20 years old but should realize by now that she is not a child anymore and that the world does not center itself on her whims and laziness.

    I was really sorry to miss the Houston event but I'm glad to hear that it went well and that you enjoyed the bookstore. Murder by the Book is one of my favorite Houston bookstores but I don't get there as often anymore as I'd like.

  14. C.B., that's what I was thinking, too. I know that my own system still wants the books back despite the fact that some people pay more than their value in fines. Seems right to me and I hope they get them from her greedy little hands.

  15. I actually saw this woman on the news this morning. Her arrogance astounds me. She doesn't understand why they pursued her. I guess they were just supposed to let her walk away and to heck with anyone else who wanted to read the books she felt entitled to? Like hers are the only tax dollars supporting the library?

    I agree. The woman is an idiot.

  16. What? Library books you check out you have to return? Oh, the horror. The imposition. The unmitigated gall.

    Good grief.

  17. Carrie, that's not a consideration for someone who sees herself as the center of the universe.

  18. Amy, I keep hoping to hear that the library asks for the actual books back...she paid a fine; she did not buy the books, IMO, and they should take them from her.