Monday, August 04, 2008

Tropical Storm Edouard Closing In

I suppose I should mention that, at the moment, it appears that Galveston, Texas, is the most likely landing spot for the tropical storm that suddenly seemed to appear out of nowhere this past weekend. Estimates for landfall are sometime around five a.m. on Tuesday morning. There is always the chance, some would say the probability, that the storm will turn to the east tonight just as Hurricane Rita did a couple of years ago. These things are just about impossible to predict.

I mention this only because I am about 75 miles almost due north of Galveston and there is a decent possibility that we will get enough wind, rain and broken branches falling on power lines to kill the electric power up this way. If past history can be relied upon, power could be down for anywhere from a few hours to a few days if that happens.

So if I disappear again, it's Tropical Storm Edouard's fault this time. It's not Act II for the infamous Blogger software that made this past weekend into a Lost Weekend for so many bloggers.


  1. We're in Clear Lake, so I may disappear, too. However, I don't think this one is big enough to do much real damage. No one here seems to be getting all that concerned.

  2. Same here, Sherry. This one is small potatoes compared to what the usual threats are. But power goes down up here randomly, it seems, so it wouldn't take much to cause a mess of that sort. Actually, I'm about to head in to the office since it looks like another six hours or so before the weather hits.

    If you guys in Clear Lake aren't worried, we sure shouldn't be sweating it up this way. :-)