Thursday, March 06, 2008 - First Episode

I discovered a remarkable new website last night that I really enjoyed. It's called and it has just produced its first video program, a simultaneous interview of four authors: Richard Price, Susan Choi, Colin Harrison and Charles Bock. It has good production values and promises to be a nice addition to the web for book lovers all over the world.

Now the really good news is that the videos are going to be available as podcasts. I didn't discover the site until pretty late last night and that didn't leave me the time to watch the whole show right then. But I noticed an icon below the video player that was labeled "Video podcasts in iTunes" and found that clicking on it automatically started an upload of the program to my iTunes directory. The upload took about 21 minutes but from that directory it only took a few seconds to transfer a copy of the video to my iPod so that I could watch the program during my lunch hour today (and now I have a copy of my own). How great is that? Check it out; I think you'll like this one.


  1. I watched this yesterday and thought it was wonderful - I remember seeing Susan Choi right after her first book was published... its been fun to see her grow as a writer. Watching this episode really made me want to read all four of the books featured!

  2. It worked that way for me, also, Sarah. I already have a copy of Price's novel and I'm interested in the other three now.