Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My Hero

I don't know if this man is married. If he is, he has the most understanding wife in the world. I am fascinated by the sheer size of his book collection (35,000 volumes) and the way that he keeps it all organized and relatively neatly housed. One thing I recognize when I see it is a kindred spirit. I think all of us have more in common with this fellow than we might want to admit.

The video is posted over at the Barnes & Noble website, a site that has seen some major changes in recent weeks and has become one of my favorite stops on the web. The site has several other videos you might enjoy, including one with author Anne Rice that I liked.

(I spotted the video when Stefanie posted a link to it over on her great site, So Many Books, and it made my it's time to get in a little reading before lights out.


  1. That's a fun video! It fits very well with my post last week about my childhood experience with the old professor and his house filled with books. Thanks for posting it on your blog. I'm on my way over to Barnes and Noble now to see the changes you mentioned, and to see what other interesting videos they have available.

  2. That's pretty amazing. I would never think a house could hold so many books! My husb would never let me collect so many.

  3. The video reminded me of your post, Robin...the man does appear to have great organizational skills, doesn't he?

  4. Jeane, I would never get away with this kind of thing either. That's why I wondered about his marital status.

    I wonder if his insurance company considers his home to be a fire hazard and charges him accordingly?

  5. I love him. I want to throw myself at his bookshelves and I want to wear his shirt...looks like it would fit OK and I look good in red...not that anyone would see me, cause I'd be busy reading!