Wednesday, March 26, 2008

John Lithgow and Cheerios Team Up to Donate Books

Fans of John Lithgow's children's books should be on the lookout for specially illustrated boxes of Cheerios on their grocery store shelves. Each of the almost five million cereal boxes will feature one of the illustrated animals from a Lithgow book. In addition a special website has been set up at which people can answer trivia questions that give them the right to help determine where 100,000 free Lithgow books will be distributed.
It’s easy to play: just go to, answer the trivia questions, and then vote for the state that you want to receive copies of Lithgow’s books. For every trivia question answered correctly, you can cast one vote for the state of your choice. Each of the five states receiving the most votes between now and June 15, 2008, will receive 20,000 books, to be distributed to nonprofit groups that support children in need.
There's even a ranking of states by the number of votes received for each...Texas is number six at the moment.


  1. I've had some experience with First Books, and it's a wonderful organization. I'm glad to see a celebrity like Lithgow team up with an organization like this. Vote North Carolina! :)

  2. Maggie/Lisa, you know, it does seem that the states with the largest populations have one heck of an advantage in this kind of thing...haven't checked the rankings lately but I'd be surprised if the smaller states show up in the top 5.