Thursday, June 07, 2007

Volunteer Needed

I'm still intrigued with "Bestseller," the upcoming U.K. television show that will supposedly do for unpublished authors what shows like "American Idol" have done for unsigned singers. I would very much like to receive first hand reports from someone in the U.K. as each of the six episodes air there. So if you have the time, and want to share your impressions, I would be very happy to post your thoughts here. Just let me know and we'll go from there.

I'll also take a second to make note of a couple of websites that you guys might find interesting.

We all seem to believe that we buy "too many" books, although I have no idea how to define "too many" and I wonder if it really exists for most of us. But I do know for a fact that we all want to stretch our book-buying money as far as possible. One of the best websites I've seen for an easy comparison of book prices is It has a wizard of a search engine that allows for searching for best total price, including shipping and handling, and it works for DVDs and CDs, as well.

I've spotted a few online book clubs lately but I find the Oxford World's Classics Book Club to be a little different because it is strictly for a discussion of classic works. The book club is currently discussing Joseph Conrad's The Secret Agent, a book I have to admit that I haven't read, but I'm going to keep my eye on the club to see what's next.

The web has so much to offer readers these days that I'm starting to wonder when I'm going to have time to read...nice problem to have, though.


  1. I havent even heard of this starting lol! How out of touch am I in my own country! Would def like to help you with it, will now have to go and look it up though:)

  2. I would really appreciate the information and insights, but if you prefer to blog about it on your own blog, I would certainly understand that. I was hoping that a non-blogger would volunteer because I feel more than a bit guilty about asking a fellow blogger to help me out on my own blog.

  3. Hello! has great deals on books, and offers many titles not available here in the US. I am addicted.