Monday, June 25, 2007

Books and Bluegrass Contest Final

I arrived back in Houston a few hours ago after having driven all the way home through rain very similar in magnitude to the rain that almost shut down the whole festival on Saturday night. It's good to be home, but the 5-hour nap I just took has left me feeling more than a bit sluggish.

Anyone wanting to officially enter the contest needs to package up their answers for me in an email and send them to: Please organize your answers in the order in which I posted the pictures so that I can more easily award you all the points you have coming. I need all entries by Friday morning and I will announce the winner this weekend at latest.

Now, for the book. I'm going to prepare a separate post to describe the book and its author, including links to the author site, etc. For the moment, let me just say that this is a hardcover copy of The Dark River by John Twelve Hawks. The Dark River is a sequel to John's The Traveler, a book that spent some time on the New York Times bestseller list. Details to follow...

This book won't be in bookstores until July 10, so you will be among the first in the world to have a copy.


  1. Oh, Sam, I can't imagine driving through that mess! Glad you made it home safely. Seems to be raining every day here...

    Glad you had a chance to get in on the jam session!

  2. Getting home was an adventure, Jenclair. I hit some strong crosswinds during some of the heaviest rains that made it difficult to keep the car in my own lane. The winds came just when the rain itself was blinding everyone, so it was very spooky. But because stopping along side the interstate was even more dangerous than continuing on, everyone just kept moving forward, and amazingly enough, I didn't see any accidents.

    That jam session is something I'm going to remember (and will be boring my friends with) for the rest of my life. The musicianship was amazing and it was quite an experience from so close up.