Thursday, February 08, 2007

Thanks, But No Thanks

I have to admit that the bit of news that this 50 Cent character now considers himself to be both a "gritty" author and a "self-help guru" made me chuckle just a bit. And then I remembered all of those struggling writers out there who actually write their own books, have something to say, and still can't find a publisher, and I quit laughing. There's a sucker born every minute, for sure...but I'm not one of them, fittycent.

The headline of the article reads "50 Cent Teams Up With Self-Help Writer To Work On New Book." Why do I suspect that Mr. Cent will be warming the bench while the rest of his "team" writes the book?
"We are living through chaotic times; the standard models for success in business and life don't work so well anymore. 50, as the consummate strategist of the street and boardroom, exemplifies the new entrepreneurial spirit required for the 21st century. The 50th Law will reveal the secret to his success and how we can all apply this to our lives."
Yep, you bet.


  1. I cringe every time I put one of his books on the shelves at work. Sometimes I wish I worked at a small, privately-owned store that could say, "No way! We aren't selling this trash."

  2. What I don't get in this particular case is where the readership is to come from...hip hop fans don't want to read "business theory" books and business people won't be impressed by 50 Cent's knowledge of the business world or his philosophy of life. This one is bound to be a bust.