Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Assume the Pose, Charlie

Charlie Shugarts lives on in Denver's Tattered Cover bookstore despite the fact that he passed away on January 31 at age 88. "Charlie" was moved to the bookstore in 1990 after a couple of years at a downtown mall where he didn't "weather too well" and he's been delighting store customers and its owner ever since. According to the Denver Post:

Shugarts often visited the Cherry Creek Tattered Cover and, later, the new location on East Colfax Avenue. He would sit down next to the statue and assume the pose, said his wife, Beverly.

Shugarts would say later: "People would look at me and not know whether I was dead or alive."

Shugarts' outgoing personality and affability were the reasons his niece, Margaret Quinn, chose him for a project to put art on the downtown 16th Street Mall in 1988.
Just something else you will never see in your local Barnes & Noble or Borders bookstores.


  1. A fitting memorial and an interesting article (loved the part about the bottle of Jack Daniels).

  2. The whole thing put a smile on my face. It's almost like the man is still around...his spirit certainly is.