Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Photo Tour of William Faulkner Home Place: Rowan Oak, Part Two

Back on October 24, I posted the first part of a photo tour of William Faulkner's old home, Rowan Oak.  (The home is in Oxford, Mississippi.)  It's time for Part Two, some shots of the interior of the old house:

(Double-click the pictures for larger, high resolution views.)

One of the Home's Bookcase

The Dining Room

A Portion of Faulkner's Bedroom

Part of "The Fable" Outline on a Wall of the Study

Bedroom of Faulkner's Wife, Second Floor

The Downstairs Parlor

One Corner of the Parlor

Kitchen at Back of House

Jill's Bedroom, Second Floor

This really is a beautiful old home, and there is much more to see and experience than I can show in these pictures.  If you are ever anywhere close to Oxford, Mississippi, a side trip to Rowan Oak is definitely worth making  Don't miss it.

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