Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Does Santa Exist? Be careful, very careful, how you answer this question.

I would have never, ever, picked up this book and given it any kind of chance of being read, much less purchased, by me.  And then...and then, I stumbled upon this never-ending video by the book's author, Erik Kaplan.

So tell me, do you believe that Santa Clause exists?  Yes...or no?  And then get ready for the finest, and funniest, YouTube maze I have ever seen.

For the full impact of Kaplan's book trailer, you need to watch all the way through it.  But I'm warning you right now that this is just the beginning...

 (P.S. I'm wondering just how many possible combinations of this philosophical discussion there are. And whether anyone out there has tried this more than once?)


  1. I love the dry, no-nonsense delivery.

    We had to discuss how we ethically handle a young girl coming to the reference desk and asking this question in one of my library courses.

  2. John, I enjoyed the way all the combinations were tied so seamlessly together.

    Your study of the question in school makes me wonder at the combination of a child sophisticated enough to go to a reference librarian with a question like that one while still being innocent enough to believe in Santa Clause...special child, to say the least.