Thursday, August 29, 2013

Elmore Leonard's Final Novel to Be Completed by His Son

Here's some news that will make fans of the late Elmore Leonard's
Peter and Elmore Leonard
Raylan Givens novels breathe a little easier: there will be at least one more of them.  Leonard was in the process of writing another Raylan Givens story (with the working title Blue Dreams) and Peter Leonard, the acclaimed author's son, has said that he will likely finish it for his father.

The Guardian has the scoop.
"I don't know the last line, the novel was unfinished," he added. "I don't know how many pages it is." Blue Dreams was originally conceived to feature a rogue immigration and customs official, an Indian bull rider and federal marshal Givens.

Peter also reveals that his father could be a harsh critic, so harsh, in fact, that Peter put fiction writing aside for 27 years after showing Elmore a six-page short story he wrote shortly after college.
Leonard, whose published novels include Back from the Dead, Voices of the Dead and Trust Me, described his father's input into his own writing career. "Just after college I wrote a short story that was six pages long. A few days later, I got his three-page critique, the gist of which was 'all of your characters look and sound the same, they're like strips of leather drying in the sun'. I didn't write another word of fiction for 27 years." 

Peter Leonard finally got past the critique and has three published novels under his belt.

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