Monday, August 05, 2013

Bob Wills Is Still the King

I just want to share a little taste of what I like most about living in Texas (except for the decade I worked in Africa and Europe, this has always been home for me).  The scene shown in the video just below is representative of the kind of live music I can find with four or five miles of the house on any typical Sunday afternoon.  I am only limited by my reluctance to climb off the couch.  This particular event was an outdoor one, but most take place inside a "joint" of some sort.

"Bob Wills is still the king," is more than just a saying for many Texans.  Wills was largely responsible for popularizing Western Swing in the thirties and forties, and to me, his classic songs still sound fresh today.  I love the lyrics to these old songs but really have a soft spot for instrumentals like this version of "Boot Heel Drag."  

Featured here are Jody Cameron (steel guitar), Kevin Carter (fiddle and vocal), Jim Sloan (guitar and vocal), and Harlan Kubos (bass guitar).

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