Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries

Ashley Clements is Lizzie Bennet
OK, this looks like fun.  Are you ready for a modernized, vlog-style (video log) retelling of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice?  Don't be too quick to write it off, because the sample episodes I've watched are quite clever...and funny.  

Each YouTube episode runs somewhere between two and five minutes in length - and the good news is that this thing started almost a year ago, so you won't have to wait for new episodes to be posted for quite a while.  (I think, based on what I see at that there are 78 episodes to this point.)  Heck, this thing even has a few of "spin-offs" - and, from what I gather, some of the "characters" participate in various social media outlets - to its credit, so Jane Austen fans should be set for a while.

Per, Wikipedia, these are the spinoffs:

The Lydia Bennet

This spin-off of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries chronicles the adventures and mishaps of the youngest Bennet sister, Lydia. The blog is only maintained whenever Lizzie and Lydia are separate from one another and Lydia cannot appear on the main blog. Lydia begins the videos when Jane and Lizzie are staying at Netherfield. Lydia goes to live with her cousin Mary (Briana Cuoco), who at first is unhappy with Lydia's presence but the two bond as friends. Lydia resumes the blog when Lizzie is visiting Charlotte and has several adventures with Mary and Jane. After Lizzie and Lydia's fight in episode 73, Lydia uses the blog to vent her frustration at Lizzie as well as chronicle her adventures while Lizzie is at Pemberley, including a trip to Las Vegas on New Year's.

[edit]Maria of the Lu

Charlotte Lu begins her new job at Collins & Collins. Her younger sister Maria Lu (Janice Lee) begins a video blog to record her internship with the company.

[edit]Collins and Collins

Mr. Collins's company produces instructional videos in the series "Better Living with Collins and Collins." The first, and currently only, video in the series is "Troubleshooting your Illumination Regulator," in which Maria Lu shows how to operate a light switch and how to fix potential problems with light switches. The second and yet unreleased video in the series is called "Changing Bulbs: A One-Person Job."

To get you started, here's Episode 1.  The dedicated website has a link to "catch up on the story from the beginning," that will save you a bit of time searching for the individual episodes.

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