Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Do Book Trailers Work for You?

Although it's been a while (several years, actually) since I've read a Clive Barker book, I remember him as being a spooky guy, right up there with Stephen King at times when it comes to fantasy and horror novels. So I pretty much know what to expect from him - what I didn't expect to find was this creepy "book trailer" promoting his latest, Mister B. Gone.

I haven't heard much about the book at all, to be honest, but this book trailer has done its job superbly. Now, I'm curious. Take a look.

Has anyone out there read the book? Does the trailer do it justice, or perhaps even make it sound much better than it is?


  1. I've not read this book, but Harlan Coben had a trailer for his Hold Tight that I posted on my blog earlier this year. It was a pretty interesting concept, I thought. But, I'm still more likely to be "grabbed" by a good book jacket or a great recommendation....

  2. Yeah, I am so not reading that book. Horror scares the bejeebies out of me but that was a great trailer for it! I've run across oodles of them lately. Is it some new thing or have I just not been paying attention?

  3. Like you, Jen, I haven't really been influenced much by the book trailers yet...haven't seen all that many of them...but some of the trailers really are well done and seem to take a lot of time, thought and money to produce.

  4. Carrie, these trailers seem to be the new marketing gimmick and they are all over YouTube. Thing is, you really have to look for them and unless they start showing up in theaters, shown before movies with the other ads, I can't imagine that they do that much good yet. But they surely do have lots of potential as a marketing tool.