Friday, February 02, 2007

Tyrone the Horrible and Friends for Free

Children's author Hans Wilhelm is giving it all away on the internet. He has made dozens of his children's books available in beautiful PDF versions for parents to share with their children directly from their computers or by printing their own version of the free books.

Mr. Wilhelm explains in his "mission statement" exactly why he is doing this:

I believe the Internet is the best way to keep these books alive and offer them to an even larger audience than the printed version could ever do. Therefore, I am now happy to see that Tyrone the Horrible is no longer extinct! Together with soccer-crazy Bunny Trouble and many more beloved story book characters, Tyrone is reincarnated and alive again thanks to the Internet. And also thanks to all my fellow writers who have given me permission to include the books that I had the privilege to illustrate.

Please come and visit over and over again because new titles will be added as soon as they become available. I will keep this site free of any advertising to ensure the pure enjoyment of books. It is my personal Thank You to all the teachers, librarians, parents and children who have shared and enjoyed my books for so many years.


Hans Wilhelm

This is great news for parents and children alike, so spread the word...and applaud Mr. Wilhelm for his generosity.

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