Monday, February 26, 2007

Rowling Sues eBay India

J.K. Rowling plans to sue eBay after having received a temporary injunction to stop eBay India from selling unauthorized electronic versions of her Harry Potter books.

The author has obtained a temporary court order until May 23, which forbids the website to list the unauthorised copies of her novels. The injunction is the first of its kind for eBay, and now the auction site will be forced to monitor its listings for copyrighted items.
I always assumed that someone, or some team of someones, at eBay were checking to make sure that they weren't selling bootleg versions of books and music or counterfeits of any kind. I know that is a huge job, but it would seem to be kind of a basic requirement to me, and I surely don't blame Rowling for suing eBay to make it happen.


  1. While this lawsuit certainly is big news, the bigger story on eBay is the recent spate of hacker attacks by Romanian hacker, Vladuz, and the associated hundreds of thousands of scam listings and hijacked accounts (including those of eBay personnel) over the past week.

  2. One of my interests is wristwatches. The amount of fakes on epray is amazing. Some even stay up after I report them as being fakes! I get the impression as long as they get the listing fee they do not care. In the end these various scams could cost the company dear if customers lose trust in the site.

  3. Ouch, firemeg, I wasn't aware of that...I sure hope that credit card info is secure but I have my doubts.

    Nick, the internet is still a lot like the Wild West...sometimes there's no sheriff around just when you need one. It's up to the citizens to report what they see but if the sheriff ignores them I hope that eBay pays the price for allowing reported scams to stay on the site.