Sunday, February 28, 2016

Spring Has Sprung in Texas

Minute Maid Stadium, Houston, TX (click on photo for larger version)

Spring in February...that's what I've enjoyed this weekend.  And I've been able to enjoy it in my favorite of all ways: by sitting at a major league ballpark and watching some of the best college baseball teams in the country go at each other.

I was at Minute Maid Stadium for 12 hours yesterday and watched three games (it takes about 45 minutes between games to get the field back into pristine shape for the next game).  And today it will be pretty much the same schedule with three more games and who knows how many hours.  If this first game is any indication, these guys are out of pitching and the games will be high-scoring ones (at the  moment, Arkansas is leading Texas Tech 10-6 in the 8th inning of the first game of the day).  

I have managed to get some reading in before heading out to the park - and I'm among a handful of people I've spotted reading books during inning changes and between it's been the best of both worlds this weekend.

Now back to the game...


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    1. It really has been nice, if a little too cloudy, here lately. It was right at 80 degrees this afternoon and the Ornamental Pear trees in my yard are starting to put on the blooms already.