Saturday, December 12, 2015

"My Christmas in New York" - Harper Lee

Today's The Guardian website includes the Harper Lee Christmas story first published in McCall's magazine in December 1961.  It's a true account of the Christmas present Ms. Lee received from two close friends - a present that helped to change her life forever.
"It was plain to anyone who knew me, they said, if anyone would stop to look. They wanted to show their faith in me the best way they knew how. Whether I ever sold a line was immaterial. They wanted to give me a full, fair chance to learn my craft, free from the harassments of a regular job. Would I accept their gift? There were no strings at all. Please accept, with their love."
For better or for worse, depending entirely on your own opinion of how involved she really was in the publication Go Set a Watchman (and what you think of the book) , 2015 has been a big year for Harper Lee.  So what better way to bring the year to a close than to read one more vintage bit of her writing, "My Christmas in New York."

Just click on the link I opened with to enjoy the story and the wonderful illustrations it includes.

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