Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Book Chase's Best Dust Jackets of 2015

First impressions are so striking that bad ones are almost impossible to overcome. And for booksellers and publishers, there is nothing more important than making a good first impression on readers browsing the shelves of their favorite bookstores.  A bad or  an underwhelming dust jacket on a new book immediately limits its potential audience to only the most informed readers - those who go out of their way to keep up with what is in the book publishing pipeline at all times. A good or striking dust jacket, on the other hand, will catch the eye of many a reader who would have otherwise just passed a book by.  

That said, of the books I read in 2015, these are the ten that I think did the best job (in reverse order) of presenting themselves to the reading public:

10.  Striking in its simplicity but an eye-catcher nonetheless 

9.  Immediately makes the reader want to know more

8.  Stunning graphics for this submarine mystery

7. Colors and tones perfect for a novel about Bangkok's mean streets

6.  Faux record label captures spirit of the times

5.  Kinsella is all about baseball nostalgia and so is this cover

4.  Certain to capture the eye of To Kill a Mockingbird fans

3.  What book nerd won't pick this up for a look?

2.  How is to to grow up in funeral home?  Just look at the cover.

1.  All about the fading of the Old West. Perfect, perfect cover.


  1. A nice assortment. I like how they all manage to be really different and most of them do seem to hint at what is inside.

    1. I'm sure that good cover design adds a significant amount to publishing cost, but it seems like money well spent to me. I can't count the number of times a cover got me to stop, pick up a book...and buy it.

  2. I found this at Book Riot in an article about their 10 best literary Ted talks. This guy clearly loves his job.

    1. Thanks, Kaye. I've only listened to one of those, so I'll take a look at the other nine. I appreciate it.