Thursday, October 22, 2015

It IS About Islam (Warning: Neither this book nor this review are Politically Correct)

Glenn Beck is making a point in It IS About Islam that is so obvious that only willful deniers are likely to disagree with it: radical Islam is at the root of the terrorism, barbarism, and genocide that plagues the world today.  For political reasons, many of the world leaders do not want to admit this very real truth, perhaps fearing that aggressive language on their part will bring them exactly the unwanted attention from Islamist terrorists that they want so badly to avoid.  But it is time to face the fact that in the absence of this particular religious doctrine from the eighth century, the world would be a better and safer place for all of us, including today’s Muslims.

As Beck points out, this is not a new problem.  It IS About Islam begins with a brief history of President Thomas Jefferson’s study of the Quran and his battle to control the Barbary (North African) States that were kidnapping and enslaving American sailors because they believed that the Quran gave them exactly that right – and duty.  Muslim negotiators of the period, in fact, justified their actions by using the same passages from the Quran that are used by today’s terrorists to justify their own murderous intents.

It IS About Islam is divided into three parts: “Islam 101” (a relatively detailed explanation of what is in the Quran and of the religion’s history); “Thirteen Deadly Lies” ( a rebuttal of the myths about Islam that Islamist apologists and too many our own politicians would have us believe); and “What Can Be Done” (a short discussion of several changes to our approach that would increase our chances of defeating those who want to destroy us and our world).

As Beck puts it in the book’s introduction: “The lies include the oft-heard claims that Islam is a religion of peace, that Islam has nothing to do with terrorism, that Islam respects the rights of women and Christians, and that sharia law is a myth made up by Islamophobes.” 

And as he damningly and clearly states on page 204 of the book:

            “Jihad’s cost to civilization is incalculable.  Over the centuries, Muslim armies have burned libraries, razed cities, and conquered large swaths of the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and Europe.  The have enslaved, starved, and massacred millions of men, women, and children – all in the name of Islam.

…the jihadists are not distorting their religion.  They believe they’re acting in accordance with their faith and they can cite chapter and verse to justify every beheading, crucifixion, act of vandalism, and degradation of the ‘infidels’ who happen to get in their way.”

Almost all of the world’s major religions have evolved over the centuries to the point where they reject the barbarism preached every Friday in so many of the world’s mosques.  Only one religion is allowing itself to remain stuck in the Dark Ages, and it is long past time that the governments of the world admit the extent of the threat that all non-Muslim governments (and even some Muslim ones) are facing from Islamism.  I do not agree with everything that Beck says in this book (for example, making the fight one of directly pitting the rest of the world’s religions against Islam), but his message needs to be heard.

And Beck and his people made the decision to publish It IS About Islam only in paperback so that more people can afford to get their hands on it and share it with others.  Please read this book before you condemn it because you dislike its author. 

It, and you, are better than that.

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