Sunday, September 20, 2015

Jackie Collins Dead at 77

The world lost another of its popular writers this week in the person of Jackie Collins who succumbed to breast cancer. Now I won't pretend to have been a Jackie Collins fan and, in fact, I don't recall having read even one of her books, but I know that Ms. Collins had a whole bunch of fans who were saddened by the news of her death, so I wanted to officially mark her death here on Book Chase.

Collins was, of course, best known for her rather risquè books such as Hollywood Wives, so I think that this video (shared today by The Guardian) in which she gives her candid opinion of Fifty Shades of Grey is a fitting and appropriate way to remember her.  

Too, I had to chuckle when I read the part of The Guardian article that said that Collins's 1968 novel The World Is Full of Married Men was actually banned in the entire countries of South Africa and Australia.  My, how times have changed...

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