Friday, June 12, 2015

Food Store Creates Children's Library in Memory of Former Employee

Carly Ferro
One more story from the "Readers Are Special" file that I keep here at Book Chase...

According to the (Vermont) Rutland Herald, a group of Carly Ferro's friends and co-workers have created, in her memory, a children's library in the grocery store in which she used to work:
Carly Ferro was 17 when she was killed by an out-of-control vehicle speeding along Cleveland Avenue in September 2012 while leaving work at Rutland Discount Food. On Thursday morning several of her co-workers were at the store to dedicate a room they designed and built a children’s library in memory of Ferro at the store.
(I'm not sure about that rather dubious second sentence, but I think you get the gist of the quote."

“You could hear Carly’s laughter throughout the store,” Taylor said. “She’d be stocking candy and eating candy and laughing. She always said, ‘Be kinder than necessary.’ She was truly an unbelievable teen. She was our shining star.”

And to continue Ferro’s spirit, Taylor decided to develop the library.

So a large purple tub sat in store for a few months, and the books kept coming. And in a few months there were 1,000 books.

Add to that a shelf stocked with hundreds of black-and-white composition books and pencils, neighborhood children can write and draw and take out a book.

The driver of the speeding vehicle that killed Carly and injured several other people has been convicted of manslaughter and will be sentenced on June 16.  The timing of this article about what has been done on behalf of one of his victims must be making him very nervous...hope so, anyway.

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