Monday, April 15, 2013

World Book Night 2013 Fast Approaching

World Book Night 2013 (April 23) is fast approaching.  I, in fact, expect an email in the next day or so authorizing me to pick up a case of 20 copies of Michael Perry's Population:485 from a near-by Barnes & Noble for distribution that evening.

Now it is time for me to finalize a spot to give the books away - and that is not quite as easy as it sounds.  The primary goal of World Book Night is to get books into the hands of light readers and others who seldom read a book at all.  So where do I best find them?  Starbucks, in the common area of a local shopping mall, in front of a Wal-Mart (don't laugh), at a sandwich shop?  

Last year I gave away copies of John Irving's A Prayer for Owen Meany to residents of a senior living home a few miles from me.  The book's were much appreciated, and I really enjoyed talking books with the folks I met that night.  But this year, I thought I would try for a more general selection from the population - keeping in mind that Population: 485 is not for younger readers.



  1. I don't have any suggestions for placement (sorry) - maybe a train station? airport? (I seldom see people reading on planes anymore.)

    BUT I do wish I qualified -- and could be there. I have Truck on my bedside reading pile - and Perry's entire back list on TBR.

    Have fun!

  2. I picked up my books last night Sam. I am giving away Glaciers. Any of the places you mentioned sound good. I am looking forward to hearing how it goes next week for you.

  3. I wonder if it would be an appropriate book for a new citizens centre or maybe at a food bank. My thought would be somewhere people gather but may not have the funds to spare for a book. This is such a wonderful idea to spread the start of a library!

  4. Debbie, we are not real big on public transportation in Houston (unfortunately) unless I go into town to a bus station or a suburban "Park and Ride" parking lot. And folks are in such a rush at those lots they would probably trample me anyway. Still thinking...

  5. Kayo, the local Barnes & Noble store manager told me at noon today that she is not fooling with all of this until the morning of World Book Night. New manager than last year and she seems rather clueless.

  6. Elizabeth, thanks for the ideas about a World Book Night distribution point...good ones.

  7. We are giving away children's, teen's and adult books. We are going to give some to the local food pantry and adult titles to the local nursing home. We may also drop some off at a local hospital. Good luck!