Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Book Trailer of the Week: As Nora Jo Fades Away

I was contacted today about reviewing a book called As Nora Jo Fades Away.  It is Lisa Cerasoli's account of being the fulltime caretaker of her grandmother who suffered from Alzheimer's and was slowly "fading away."  This is not a topic I would have wanted to read about just a few years ago, but because we are watching my mother-in-law go through the same process right now, I find comfort in the experiences of those who have already endured the horror of watching a family member succumb to the disease.

As it turns out, the memoir is also the basis of a documentary film titled "14 Days with Alzheimer's."  This is the trailer to that film:

Here's another look at Nora Jo (I have had this conversation so many times with my mother-in-law that this one is hard for me to watch):

(22nd Book Trailer of the week in a continuing series of unusual and memorable book trailers spotted by Book Chase)

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  1. My grandmother was just diagnosed with Altzheimer's last week. She's 95, and we had just assumed it was aging.