Thursday, June 14, 2012

BEA 2012 Live Streams Are Still Available

Great news, guys.

I just discovered that the BEA Livestream channel is still available for those of us who missed the streamed sessions.  I couldn't shake free long enough to take advantage of all the streaming when it was happening, so this is pretty cool. There's some great stuff on the website and, at least for now, it's all there for you to watch at your leisure.

Among others, I see sessions covering YA books, adult fiction, one called "Inside the Mystery," a Dan Rather interview, and several covering the evolution and exploitation of e-books.  The most amazing thing about the e-book-related sessions, is their paltry attendance - one session seems to have had a grand total of two people in the audience when it started.  Maybe the average BEA attendee isn't  all that enthusiastic about e-books yet?  Several other sessions, generally those employing several authors each, appear to have been packed.

Anyway, I hope you find one or two things here that interest you.

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