Monday, February 27, 2012

Sleepy in Houston

It seems like I've been gone forever - and I suppose that, in the blogging world, four days is pretty much the equivalent of forever.  Frankly, I have felt so terrible during most of my MIA days that this is the first time I've even considered cranking up the computer.  Seems that I finally picked up the version of the Houston Crud that's been plaguing my side of town for the last three weeks or so, and it turns out that this bug is a hard one to shake.  Some of my co-workers (and my wife) have fought it over the better part of two weeks before returning to anything even close to feeling normal.

For me, with Friday and Saturday being by far the worst, it's only been a total of five days.  I'm a good bit better today, but I spent at least 20 hours sound asleep on Friday, followed by another 14 hours on Saturday.  In the middle of all this, two rooms of my house are being re-floored - and I slept right through it all.  Anyway, I'm planning to try to return to the office tomorrow.  Wish me luck with that.


  1. Sounds dreadful! Sickness so bad that you don't even have a desire to boot up a computer or crack open a book is the very worst. Glad you're on the road to recovery now!

  2. Megan, the fact that I ready only six total pages on Friday reminds me just how horrible I felt that day. That's a true "agony" measurement in my case,