Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Read Pulp Magazines Online

I've been playing all afternoon over at a site I stumbled upon called The Pulp Magazines Project.  The project is described this way on the website:
The Pulp Magazines Project is an open-access digital archive dedicated to the study and preservation of one of the twentieth century's most influential literary & artistic forms: the all-fiction pulpwood magazine. The Project also provides information on the history of this important but long neglected medium, along with biographies of pulp authors, artists, and their publishers.
All that is wonderful, of course, but the best part is that lots of the pulp magazines from the very early twentieth century (if not earlier) have been digitally reproduced there and whole copies of the magazine can be leafed through and read page-by-page.  These old magazines are fascinating even if you do nothing but read the advertising inside them.

I will warn you that the PDF versions of the magazines seem to take forever to open up.  The FlipBook versions, on the other hand, open up very quickly.

I can already see that I'm going to be spending a considerable amount of time on the site.  If you enjoy this kind of thing, take a look here.  When you get to the homepage, just click where it says "Magazines in the Project Archive."

Have fun.


  1. This is very tempting to me. I'm a big fan of pulp fiction. But for me it's always been, in part, a tactile pleasure. I love finding old pulp magazines in antique stores. Largely for the wonderful illustrations and advertising.

    However, I do have next week off so......

  2. I would prefer a hands-on reading of the magazines myself, James. Even the ones that have been digitized on this site to protect their availability were in pretty bad shape though...with wear, tears, and yellowing pretty obvious. They won't be with us much longer, I'm afraid.