Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Single Vote Worth $3.5 Million

We've all heard that "every vote counts" and, considering our most recent presidential elections, I think we all see the real truth in that old saying.  On a much smaller scale, here's another good example about why it is a mistake to stay home and expect others to show up and carry an election in the direction you might favor.

From comes the story of how one single vote was enough to make a new library possible for the city of Shutesbury, Massachusetts.
A plan to build a new $3.5 million library in Shutesbury has been approved by a single vote after the town clerk determined that a previously uncounted ballot was valid. 
The original count in last week's referendum was a 522-522 tie, essentially defeating the measure for the town to borrow $1.4 million for the library. The other $2.1 million is coming from the state.
Library opponents, oc course, are ready for a "hanging chad" type recount.  Oh, well.

(Click on the link for a few more details.)

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