Saturday, September 10, 2011

Another Sinful Saturday (with Robert Silverberg)

Photo from Vintagellu's Photostream on Flickr
Few people probably realize that celebrated science fiction writer Robert Silverberg wrote several novels for publisher Bedside as Mark Ryan.  Streets of Sin, the cover art shown here, was published in 1959 for sale in news stands across America.  Silverberg was ultimately named a Grandmaster by the Science Fiction Writers of America, so he is rightfully remembered best for his work in that genre.  (I don't think Mark Ryan won any awards - but he put food on Silverberg's table for a few years.)

Mark Ryan had some help from at least four others in putting a little cash in Mr. Silverberg's pockets because Silverberg also wrote in this style under the names: Don Elliott, Loren Beauchamp, David Challon, and Gordon Mitchell.  The books were published by Bediside, Nightstand, and Bedstand (names so similar that I'm guessing they might really all have been the same company).

I have not attempted to count the books that Silverberg wrote under these names, but there appears to be at least a couple of dozen of them, probably a good many more.  By the way, a copy of Streets of Sin in excellent condition could be had five years ago for about $60.


  1. Another coincidence...I'm reading Among Others and Mor is fascinated with SF and loves Silverberg.

  2. I was a bit surprised by how many books of this type Silverberg wrote before he became well known as a scifi writer, Jennclair. I haven't read these but I wonder if a better writer like Silverberg turned out a higher quality book than would have normally been expected...all relative, I suppose.