Friday, January 14, 2011

Evil Can Be Bought

I've been out-of-pocket most of the last two days, involved in the culmination of a legal battle that started more than six months ago.  On the one hand, that it is finally over, is a relief.  On the other, what I learned about someone I've been close to for more than a decade, and about some in the legal profession, has been disheartening.

I learned that someone truly evil is difficult to defeat in life or in a court of law.  Such a person does not worry about playing fair, doing the right thing, or looking bad in the eyes of those who know the truth.  A truly evil person, especially one that is also a sociopath, will do things that astound normal, decent human beings.  We have been dealing with a person like this, and yesterday we decided that we would accept a less-than-equitable settlement in our case against him.  Evil can be bought, and we decided to pay the price in order to rid ourselves of this man's impact on our daily lives.

First lessen learned: make people hate you so strongly that they recoil at the sight of your face or the sound of your voice and they will pay you to go away if that's the only way they can find relief.

Second lesson learned: some attorneys cannot be trusted to do the job for which they charge a tidy sum.  In the aftermath of ridding ourselves of Mr. Evil, we now have to file an official grievance with the State Board against an attorney we were forced to fire.

OK, I have that off my chest and promise not to bring it up again...just felt like venting for the record.


  1. Sam, fight the good fight. You'r an awesome person. And, while your lessons may be true in the short run, understand that life is long, the world is round, and evil never stays on top for long.

  2. Sean, it was such a long, grueling fight that we finally decided it was becoming too unhealthy to let it keep dominating our lives for even another few months. I do sincerely hope that Evil finally runs across even greater Evil and gets wiped out...or, even better, runs across someone with more stamina than me who can beat him by outlasting him. Too, this caused me to waste several thousand dollars on fighting this idiot; my only consolation is that this evil little troll wasted an equal amount of money. Attorneys did well on this one.

  3. Sam, I read two passages this morning from Grendel by John Gardner. A whisper told me to share them with you.

    (1) "O the ultimate evil in the temporal world is deeper than any specific evil, such as hatred, or suffering, or death! The ultimate evil is that Time is perpetual perishing, and being actual involves elimination. The nature of evil may be epitomized, therefore, in two simple but horrible and holy propositions: 'Things fade' and 'Alternatives exclude'; and

    (2) Heroism s more than noble language, dignity. Inner heroism, that's the trick! Glorious carbuncle of the soul! Except in the life of the hero the whole world's meaningless.

  4. Thanks for the quotes, Sean. They do tend to put things into the proper perspective, don't they?