Saturday, January 08, 2011

Another 131 Free Kindle Books at Amazon - But Hurry

I downloaded my review copy of the soon-to-be-pulished Joyce Carol Oates memoir this morning and soon found myself totally engrossed by what Ms. Oates has to say about finding herself experiencing widowhood so suddenly.  It seems that more and more publishers are sending review copies this way, so I am happy to have my Sony Reader around even when I'm not traveling as much as I did in the past.  My only regret with this new process is that publishers are submitting files that expire within 60 days of the date they are downloaded.  For the most part, that doesn't bother me because I am unlikely to want to read any of the books again anyway - but in the case of Ms. Oates, that is never the case.  I have about 80 of her books on my shelves now and will very likely want to revisit this one.  I'll almost certainly be putting a hardcover version of A Widow's Story on the shelf not long after its release date of February 15.

On a related topic, I stumbled across the fact that Amazon has just released another 131 free e-books for download to the Kindle - or any other gadget running the Kindle software.  Go to Ereader News Today where you will find the link (inside the article titled "Dozens of Free Books Today") and a way to sign up there for regular announcements about free e-books for the Kindle.  Most of the newly-free books seem to be test preparation guidelines, medical-related nonfiction, and legal nonfiction.  This list should be particularly helpful to money-strapped high school and college students, but hurry up and get there if you are interested because free Kindle books do not always remain free for very long.  Be very careful not to download anything that does not show a price of $0.00 if you want it for free.  I made that mistake a while back by not noticing that one of Amazon's freebies had reverted back to a purchase-book.

I hope you find something useful there.  Good luck.


  1. Thanks very much for the link to the place to register to get news on free Kindle books. This one will be indispensable to me. I love FREE!