Saturday, October 30, 2010

Books for Treats

Luann is on the right track...join her?
It's not too late.  You can still give "Books for Treats" tomorrow night if you participate in the whole Halloween thing.  Now, I'm not saying that you will not have a record number of tricks pulled on you if you do hand out books rather than candy.  So, reader beware.

Take a look at this website and you'll learn all you need to know about why so many people are starting to give books instead of candy.  Maybe not for you this year, but think about it for next year.
Books feed children’s minds, while candy only feeds their cavities. Books encourage children to read, and parents to read with them and/or ask them about their books. Many children rarely receive books as gifts, so even gently read books are special treats.
Do you recycle? If so, do you think it is a lot of work? No. You believe in supporting the planet by recycling materials so they don’t go into the landfill. Books For Treats takes a little more time than buying a giant bag of candy, but if you believe that you can help turn Halloween from a cavity-, obesity-, diabeties-contributing holiday into one that shows that society cares about our children, then it’s worth the extra effort.

Giving books instead of candy shows kids you care about them and are encouraging them to read. This not only helps raise their interest in reading, but raises their feeling that the community cares about their future.
I'm not kidding myself into believing that giving out books instead of candy on Halloween will ever become the new normal. But, if enough of us are willing to be a bit different, we can do some good.  Let's help create a new generation of lifetime readers.


  1. I love to read. I love books. I read voraciously as a child. But if someone had given me a book instead of candy when I was a kid, I would have been very disappointed. One night of candy a year isn't going to turn a kid into a blimp!

  2. Factotum, I'm not anti-candy either. But as a kid, I could always come up with candy...books of my own were out of the family budget, for the most part. Since candy will always be 99.9% of what is handed out on Halloween (discounting popcorn and fruit), I don't think kids will be hurting too badly.

    Hey, you could play a lot of Halloween tricks in return if you got too many books. :-)

  3. That's the best answer, for all but the anti-sweets league (of which I am not a part).

  4. Thanks for your posting about Books For Treats. Before I took this concept "public" I tried it for 6 years with my trick-or-treaters to make sure they didn't think it was cheesy -- or my house would get egged! But the kids -- and parents -- were so enthusiastic I decided to offer the idea to the public. We even have a free downloadable kit walking you through the process.

    So join in. You're right, it won't ever replace edible treats. But if enough of us start doing it, it will help kids and parents rethink the purpose of Halloween's treats.

    Rebecca Morgan
    Founder, Books For Treats

  5. Good luck with the idea, Rebecca. I like your enthusiasm and creativity.

  6. I think you're kidding yourself, but I say go for it. If it's the right sort of picture book for little kids I could see it working.

    My middle schoolers would not be happy with you, I fear. Even the more serious readers do love their candy.

  7. I would have to have candy in one hand, a book in the other, C.B. :-)


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