Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dirty Sexy Politics and the "Unedited Ramblings of an Idiot"

A year or so back, I wrote the "nastiest" book review I have ever written.  The review encompassed my reaction to a well known South African author's latest novel - a reaction of horror,disgust and disbelief that something so bad could have been written by one of the supposedly blessed ones.  I caught some static because of the review, mainly from people who believed I hated the novel only because I disagreed with the politics expressed in it.  I did think I might have been too hard on the author and vowed to think twice before posting another review with the same tone.

Well, I have definitely been topped because Leon Wolf's review of Dirty Sexy Politics, the new Meghan McCain memoir sets a standard that I can only dream of ever achieving.  Bottom line: Wolf hates the book and believes that Meghan McCain is a complete waste of oxygen.

I want to give you a feel for what is in the review (one of the longest book reviews I've read in a while) but you really need to read this one (follow the link, above) in order to fully appreciate how good it is.
It is impossible to read Dirty, Sexy Politics and come away with the impression that you have read anything other than the completely unedited ramblings of an idiot.
The most obvious problem with Dirty, Sexy Politics is that grammatically, the book appears to be the work of a high school sophomore. To be more accurate, it appears to be the first draft of an essay written for a high school English class; the one turned in before the teacher makes all the pretty red marks in the margin that helpfully keep students from turning in final papers riddled with comma abuse, sentence fragments, and incorrect punctuation. Each subsequent page of this book contains one grisly crime against the English language after another.
Were this a book from any other author, I might at this point be lamenting the fact that the author had an important message that would sadly be lost due to her horrible communication skills. Not so with Meghan McCain. Meghan’s primary goal in writing Dirty, Sexy Politics appears to have been to show off her encyclopedic knowledge of who was wearing what clothes on what occasion. From all appearances, it is physically impossible for Meghan McCain to describe a given scene or occurrence without describing in detail what everyone in the room was wearing (and how their hair was done), most especially including herself.
On the whole, I am simply not a talented enough writer to express how truly horrible this book was. The last line of the book implores readers not to let Meghan “pick up this torch alone.” I can honestly say that I was encouraged throughout to pick up a torch in order to burn my copy of Dirty, Sexy Politics, even though I was reading it on a Kindle. There is no reason that anyone who is not getting paid to review this book should ever, ever spend money on it.
These quotes are just the icing on the cake. Take it from me, the cake is even tastier than its icing.

(Here's the link, again, so that you don't have to scroll up the page to find it)

Thank you, Mr. Wolf for suffering through this one so that the rest of us don't have to waste our time and money on it.  I've seen enough of Meghan McCain on political talk shows to know that she's pretty much empty-headed and would not have been tempted to ever read this one- however, those who may have purchased it because of who she "is" should thank you for the thirty bucks you just saved them.


  1. Sad how some people (unqualified ones) get contracts and jobs just because of who they are. Although this could have been a good story - it sounds like it is just very poorly written.

    Ridiculous that the publisher didn't even bother to put her with a good ghostwriter or to copyedit the book. Is there such a shortage of English majors out there?

  2. Good question. In this case, I've seen her around the talk show circuit enough that this did not at all surprise me. There seems to be an empty box on her shoulders...unless you count all the vanity she stuffed inside it.