Sunday, September 19, 2010

Books and Football Sunday (Video)

(Thanks, C.B.)


  1. I'm honored to get a mention in your blog! ;) You're right, I was completely devestated, not to mention extremely frustrated. I did think of you, though - I knew you'd be happy with the outcome.

    This little blog thing was fun. I don't think I'd ever follow a full-time video blog since I'm usually watching TV while I'm online, so I had to mute the TV to hear it, but it was pretty cool this time. (Although, I kept hearing your voice saying "If you're looking for Shania Twain, you're lost" in the back of my head - gotta say your real voice is much smoother than this guy's.) :)

  2. Annie, honestly, I had given up on this game going into the fourth quarter and then some weird things started to happen and we suddenly had a chance. Then going into overtime, I figured we would lose just like we have EVERY other time we've played into extra time. This was a wild game and that fifth "quarter" was one of the strangest ones I've ever seen.

    The video thing really took a lot of time, so it's not something anyone would want to do every day. I figure it could be a little change of pace once or twice a month but that's about it. I used the free version of the software and the really cool things are the add ons that you have to pay for, of course. But this served the purpose and it was fun to do.

    I do sort of wish the Cowboys had won this week so they won't be so pissed off when they come to Houston next week, though.

  3. No! Cowboys losing is ALWAYS a good thing. I think the Texans can still take 'em. That overtime was crazy, though. I thought the Texans were crazy for punting instead of going for the field goal, but then we ended up in the exact same position, and the field goal didn't work so well.

    By the way, I'm looking forward to the review on the Washington biography. Although I'm not sure I want to read stuff about him that's unflattering. I know he was human and made mistakes, but sometimes I like my heroes to stay heroic.