Thursday, January 21, 2010

Best of 2010, Update 3

I have finished a review copy of Get Out of the Way, a new novel by Daniel Dinges. This one will bring back lots of memories, good and bad ones, for men who had to plan their lives solely around the Viet Nam War and the military draft required to sustain that misguided effort. This is a novel based on the author's experiences but I found that his story takes place in almost exactly the same months of 1968 during which I found myself snatched up by the system.

After 7 books, this is what the real time list now looks like:

1. Man of Constant Sorrow - Ralph Stanley and Eddie Dean (biography)
2. The Opposite Field - Jesse Katz (memoir)

3. The Calligrapher's Daughter - Eugenia Kim (novel)

4. Get Out of the Way - Daniel Dinges (novel)
5. Boston Noir - Dennis Lehane, Editor (short story collection)

6. The Unnamed - Joshua Ferris (novel)

7. William S. and the Great Escape - Zilpha Keattey Snyder (Children's book)
Just a reminder: When I reach 11 total books, one will drop off to reflect a current Top Ten. From that point onward, a book will drop from the list each time I add a new one.


  1. Well, you've added 3 to my wishlist: The Kim novel, the Stanley book and the new Joshua Ferris.

    I didn't realize ZKS was still writing! She was quite popular when I was in middle school.

  2. I like this idea! And will be checking in to watch your list.

    When my children were young, one of my favorite books was Snyder's The Egypt Game. In fact, it remains one of my favorite books for young people of all ages.

    Thanks for some new titles!

  3. Three of seven is pretty good, Suzi. I hope you aren't disappointed in any of them.

    I didn't know of Snyder before this book...missed her as a kid.

  4. Jenclair, I really like the way the list is shaping up...comparing books while they are this fresh on my mind gives a better picture, I'm convinced.

    Y'all are making me wonder how I missed Snyder's work all those years ago.