Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Barnes & Noble Updates Nook Software

I suspected this would happen - but not this soon. Barnes & Noble is already pushing a system software update out to early bird owners of its Nook readers. Considering the poor reviews the Nook received upon its release a couple of weeks ago, this is an excellent move on the bookseller's part.

According to Brighthand.com
, this is what Nook owners can expect after the software update is automatically installed on their readers:
* Page turning and formatting of downloaded e-books has been improved.

* Start-up time for My Library, The Daily, and Setting has been improved.

* Barnes & Noble in-store content and promotions roll-out is fully supported.

* Launches reader immediately on Select from The Daily and My Library for books and subscriptions that have already been downloaded.

* Reading Now takes customer straight into the last book page read without reformatting the content.

* Displays the correct time on the status bar.

* No longer unprompted to the home screen when pressing the arrow or the select button.

* Displays correct error-message for pre-ordering books that are not yet available.

Good move, Barnes & Noble. I'm pulling for you guys to get this thing done right.

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