Friday, December 11, 2009

Any Tweeters Out There?

I am wondering (out loud) how many of my fellow book bloggers and visitors are active on Twitter. I was reluctant to get involved over there but I am finding it to be a fairly effective way to keep up with what's going on in the book/publishing world in real time. An amazing amount of information gets shared on Twitter (along with lots of trash and spam) in those 140-word blips and links used to communicate with like-minded souls.

So, if any of you are on Twitter and are interested in spreading the word about your activity, please leave a comment here about what it is you do there. I would love to link up with others in the book world that way (readers, writers, publishers, bookstores, libraries, etc.) but, frankly, I am finding it difficult to build much of a network so far. I have grown frustrated with the Twitter "search function" and I hope this might be both a quicker and a more productive way to make some meaningful connections. So holler at me it you tweet.


  1. I am pussreboots on twitter. There is a very large and active group of book people on twitter: bloggers, publicists, publishers, agents and authors.

  2. Hey Sam,

    We're already hooked up on Twitter, I believe, but the way I started was to look at friends of people I was following and that gave me my initial group to follow. I also paid attention to RT's from my friends.

    I put together a crime fiction directory if you'd like to check that out here:

    It needs to be updated again, but it's a good start for crime fiction anyway...