Thursday, January 29, 2009

New Reader Born in a Library

Some of you read so many books that you've probably jokingly been asked if you were born in a library. Well, two-day-old Sariah Trevino will be able to say that she really was born in a library, the Denver Central Library.

Her mother didn't quite make it to the hospital but was lucky enough to be helped inside the library by some alert employees and delivered her daughter there without any complications. In fact, it sounds like everything went very smoothly.

Sariah and her mother

Trevino was on her way to the hospital Tuesday, riding the "0" bus, when she started having contractions.

A woman on the bus, who works at the hospital, noticed what was going on, Trevino recalled. She told the expectant mother to get off the bus at the library and used her cellphone to call for an ambulance.

"I tried to get to Denver Health," Trevino said sheepishly. "I didn't make it."

Trevino said as she walked from the bus toward the library, she knew the baby was coming in a hurry.

"As soon as I started walking, I felt pressure," she said.

Once inside the library, Trevino lay down on the floor and people inside, including library security, began to help. Trevino only had to push twice to deliver her baby girl.
Wouldn't it be fun to tell your reading friends that you were born in a library?


  1. Isn't that something? I think it would be fun to tell people that I was born in a library but of course I'm a library nut :)

  2. It's definitely pretty cool, Samantha. Wouldn't it be something if she became a librarian there someday?