Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Quick Note

New Zealand's Hamilton County Bluegrass Band

I was a bit overly optimistic about having enough time and internet access while here in Kentucky to update Book Chase pretty much as normal. I'm finding that it won't be that easy.

The music festival is great, as always, but it totally kills the day. It all started on Thursday evening and will continue through Saturday (today). So because of a combination of way too much time spent in the sun, the relative isolation of the festival site, and the somewhat tricky weather in the area (like the tornado warnings that cleared the festival almost two hours early last night) it has been impossible to work in much reading or blog time. But I suppose that's part of the good news because I really needed a break from the usual routine.

But on this fourth day of my trip, I'm starting to suffer from "book withdrawal." Instead of my usual 150 pages a day I'm reading something like 50 pages while here - and finding it hard to concentrate even on those few pages. I keep reminding myself, though, that I'll be facing my old routine again soon enough and that my world will return to normal all too soon.


  1. You are at a Bluegrass Festival. It is not killing the day, it's the purpose of the day! lol.

    Listen to Bluegrass music. You may return to your regularly scheduled reading time when you're not at a Festival. But I'm glad to see someone else does this too.

  2. You were right, of course, Carrie. :-)

    I loved the music but did have some withdrawal symptoms when it came to reading hours...I'm still not back to my normal pace on reading because I got so far behind on everything else while I was away...what a shame to have to work for a living.