Monday, October 29, 2007

This Is Not Rugby

Or is it? This is the most amazing football touchdown that I have ever seen. The kids from Trinity University in San Antonio scored on this unbelievable play to pull out a 28-24 victory over Milsaps College last weekend. There were 15 different laterals during this one play and somehow or another no one dropped the ball, accidentally pitched it forward instead of backward, or got tackled. Unbelievable.

Here's the whole story.


  1. My father was telling me about this. I planned on trying to find the video tonight, but stopped here first - thanks for saving me some time. :)

    This is amazing - the fact that no one fumbled, tripped, was tackled, etc. And I can't believe how many times they want 20 yards back again.

    Impressive scrambling!

  2. I do not know the rules of gridiron but even I was caught up in the excitement of the moment:)
    The world is getting smaller all the time; London has just hosted an NFL game.

  3. Everyone I've shown this clip to is just amazed that they were able to pull off such a long play without having a penalty called to nullify the whole thing. It's fun to watch...I've done that at least eight or nine times now. :-)

  4. That looked like a soccer game!

    But a question -- why can't they just throw it forward?

  5. Once the ball crosses the original line of scrimmage for the first time it's against the rules to throw it forward. Even the quarterback who takes the original snap is not allowed to do that. That's what makes this kind of play so unlikely to ever happen. This one is destined to become a classic.