Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Annapolis Library Springs 38 Leaks After Snow Removal

Annapolis Regional Library on a Better Day
From the "stuff happens" news category, comes the report that Annapolis Regional Library has been forced to close its doors for at least one week - perhaps more - after the crew removing snow from the roof managed to create at least 38 leaks that demand immediate attention.

The Capital Gazette provides details:

"It appears the leaks came from the 30 inches of snow on that flat roof and people trying to remove it caused more than a dozen leaks, and it got worse," said library system spokeswoman Christine Feldman.
The library has been closed since Saturday "for the comfort and safety of our staff and patrons," Feldman said.
As the leaks appeared last Friday, staff members quickly gathered trash cans to catch everything from drips to downpours.

The building was erected in 1965 and is due to be torn down next year as a new library is constructed. Today's analysis should be able to determine when patches on the roof can be installed.
"We are not going to be looking to replace the entire roof of a building that is going to be torn down in a year," Feldman said.
The best hope is for an adequate patching job to get through the next year.
"We just want to determine what we can do to get through that time in a safe and healthy environment for our staff and customers.

Please do click on the original link shown above for more detail and pictures recently taken inside and outside the library.

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