Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Book Trailer of the Week: My Life After Death

Holy cow...

I was curious about this book because I thought that, surely, it had to be a satirical look at mediums who scam their way through life speaking to the dead loved ones of people willing and able to pay them for that "service."  Well, no, that's apparently not what My Life After Death is.  This book, my friends, is intended to milk even more money from the most gullible and hurting people among us.  It is for real; I kid you not.

My Life After Death has supposedly been written by a man, long dead as the result of his suicide, through the lips of the female medium shown in the video, and then further dictated to his mother (whose name is on the cover as the book's co-author).  Did you follow that?

I'm calling this my "Trailer of the Week" because it's utter absurdity has more than earned it the crown.  I had no idea there were still people out there doing what this woman does for a living.  Silly me.

(You have to watch this book trailer to believe it.  If you are still not convinced that this book is a "serious" one, go over to Amazon and read the reviews there.  Unbelievable.)

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